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“My whole experience getting my Invisalign® braces was truly amazing from beginning to end. Who would think that a 60-year-old grandma would require braces, but I did after a prolonged illness with Lyme disease. Dr. Soo was totally professional and thorough and very patient with me along with his fantastic staff. I would highly recommend getting Invisalign from Dr. Soo and staff. You won’t regret your decision — believe me!!”

— CH

“Dr. Soo, I (we) would like to thank you for straightening my three children’s teeth. You are a great guy and keep a nice staff. I appreciate how fairly you treated me as I brought in children numbers two and three. The whole experience was worthwhile! Thanks again.”

— KM

“Dr. Soo is a wonderful orthodontist. My husband (who is a dentist) and all three of my children have been treated by Dr. Soo with great results. Thank you, Dr. Soo!”

— Vicki S.